Sunday, 11 August 2013


Try to imagine city streets that whisper 
the words 'Monkeys everywhere, Monkeys everywhere, 
all in your head, Monkeys jumping 
all over your bed ...  

Fat haunch, oozing forward,
Gnarled teeth and cock-eyed malice,
delirious with laughter, 
hell bent on destruction, smashing 
the good china -
Admittedly, we can chop off 
the head of a tyrant, return the 
serve of recklessness they put 
in our lives.


I'd sleep with a man, give nature 
a kick in the arse because fairness has 
nothing to do with that which is willed ...

It is nonsense to ask of God whether or 
not he cares, same as the stupidity in worrying 
over the bad seeds that have been spilled.


In the eyes a demon rests,
It belongs to aeon wrestling 

When I was young, I thought 
things would last forever, like the hills
and fields around my home.

Now they are gone, covered
in concrete slabs sponsored by
Seanie Fitzpatrick and David Drumm.


We only knew each other in the 
comfort of our own hearts, never
in words, or touch. Never
in the same room 
with a naked light ...

Did we fall that far apart? It is 
utterly strange, no good, no bad
no hope, no fear. It is
out of our hands. I'll be peacefully
fatal, here and now with you.


I shout for nowhere and
I live in nobody,
I talk to the mute and I
see the blowing wind.
I touch the clouds and
I smell the taste,
I burn the water and
I listen to play,
I wash the dried up and
I chop the prepared,
I do the undone and
I love the unloved.


Still thunderstorms spin
the eye as the fly by. Continue 
to write in spite of your health, 
feel the wounds, care not for death, 
for it will come no 
matter what to sweep things 
away. Do not go to bed early,
stay here and mark the falling words
at the end of the working day.


It does no good to turn in on thought
wading through the wires with one or 
two things,ever-pleating upon themselves. 
The devil can do what he wants. I'll ignore 
the trickery and take all the hits. I'll observe
the thorny patterns and make of them a quilt, 
under which will lie the whispers and sighs of 
all the women who have ever loved me.

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