Monday, 25 March 2013

October 2nd

Lately my dreams have been going back to the neighbourhood,
Wet concrete in the estates. Alleys with cigarette butts and shortcuts -
Years now since. Still, the waves crash no matter what.

8 years ago today you went. Hope you're OK now,
We only knew each other in the seclusion of our own hearts,
Never in words, never in touch, never in the same room with a naked light.

Now I create particles and ponder time. It'd be nice if you were here with me
Now to see the waves bashing. Here and now ...

Did we fall that far apart? Help me to live right and know some truth.
It is utterly strange. No good, no bad, no hope, no fear. Its out of our hands.
I'll be peacefully fatal with you. Here and now, with you.

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